Factory Automation



Smart factories strive to make your production smarter, faster and more cost-efficient with minimum human labour required. This is a total solution product, customised to your requirements. With Excitech’s innovative products, automation offers a solution that is developed to handle the complete manufacturing process from start to finish for the joinery industry. Developed to shorten lead times, improve finish quality and lower production costs. The complete range is accessible to all manufacturers, from entry level workshops to industrial productions.


EP3800 & EP2600

With a maximum cutting height of 95mm and a blade of 315mm, why would you not stop to buy Excitech’s

Storage Systems

Storage systems are compact while providing quick, safe storge of board, reducing labour costs and managing your board inventory.


With room to grow, this mid-level edgebander allows an entry level business to upscale, yet an established business keep up


This compact and versatile edgebander is a product that is efficient at handling the fundamental applications required in every factory.